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The Barbecue Menu

When it comes to food festivals & street food events we have an Epic Hotdog & Chicken Wing menus!

For private hire, we can deliver a barbecue menu to meet your smokey, slow cooked desires.

Our Menus

What makes our Hotdogs Epic?

A 100% Warwickshire Reared Pork Sausage, Grilled over Charcoal, Nestled in a Fresh Baked Bun, Topped, Coated or Drizzled with one of our Homemade Toppings.

Traditional Hotdog

A Proper Sausage (100% Warwickshire Reared Pork), in a fresh baked bun, served with Fried Onions and Crispy Onions.

Asian Temper Dog

BBQ Grilled Pork Sausage, rolled in temper of slow roasted Red Chill, Ginger, Mustard Seeds & Garlic served in a bun on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Snob Dog

Deluxe cream cheese spread bun with BBQ Grilled Proc Sausage, topped with red onion, seasoned with our special seasoning combo.

Spicy Buffalo Dog

BBQ Grilled Pork Sausage with char cooked Onion and Red Chilli drenched in our scratch made Spicy Buffalo Sauce and topped with crumbled blue cheese.

Pulled Beef Chilli Dog

BBQ Grilled Pork Sausage, with a heap of slow cooked, pulled beef chilli, topped with sour cream and Tortilla crumbs, served in a fresh baked bun.

Chicken Wings, Barbecued over charcoal to perfection

Hot, Smokey & Real Tasty
From the classic buffalo wing to Thai and Korean this menu came second in Birmingham Wing Fest 2018

Atomic Hot Wings

BBQ Grilled Wings, tossed in our Ghost Chilli hybrid Spicy Buffalo Sauce, topped with sliced Jalapeno, creamy blue cheese and tortilla crumbs. Heat 9/10

Buffalo Bad Boy Wings

BBQ Grilled Wings in our “scratch made” Spicy Buffalo Sauce, made with smokey char cooked Onion and Capsicum. Topped with creamy blue cheese and crispy onions. Heat 7/10

Bang Bang Wings

BBQ Grilled Wings in a Thai style spicy sweet chilli glaze, topped with shrimp cracker & spring onion.
Heat 5/10

Kim Jong-Wings

BBQ Grilled Wings in a Korean style dark sweet and sticky sauce, topped with toasted sesame seeds, pickled ginger and green onions. Heat 3/10

Sweet Dorothy Wings

Wings drenched in our Sweet & Smokey KANsAS STYLE BBQ Sauce, topped with crispy onions.
Heat 0/10 – SWEET NOT HOT

Private Hire Menu

We have different private event options with which we aim to inspire, alternatively you can come to us with the your ideas, we can get excited and creative in designing an awesome new menu, just for you. 

Only Real Charcoal will do!

Sustainable great tasting Charcoal

We see the charcoal as an ingredient, as important as having fresh, great tasting ingredients. The flavour of cooking over charcoal is the core to real barbecue. Thats why we only cook using Oxford Charcoal, UK Hardwood Blend… No rainforest, no filler, no chemicals. Have you ever considered where your charcoal comes from and whats in it? Watch the Oxford Charcoal video to find out why you should.